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Spring 2003 Photos

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Spring Lambs on Eben-Trenary Road
Photo taken 05/25/2003.
Spring lambs on Eben-Trenary Road.
Finally, all of the dock is in the water, all 50 yards! All of the dock is finally in the lake!
Photo taken 05/24/2003.
Portillo's Hotdogs - Elmhurst, IL
Photo taken 04/18/2003.
Portillo's Hotdogs - Elmhurst, IL
Sample Gates - Indiana University - Bloomington, IN Sample Gates - Indiana University
Photo taken 04/15/2003.
Curious Deer
Photo taken 04/03/2003.
Curious Deer on Perry Road
Au Train Beach - Lake Superior - Upper Peninsula - Michigan Au Train Beach - Lake Superior
Photo taken 03/22/2003.

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