November 12, 1999


No spectacular sunrise today.

It was very cloudy and gray today.  We were in the 40's this afternoon.  We're supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow!

Three of the cabins are full of hunters with the rest of them arriving tomorrow.  With temperatures in the 50's, they won't be trying on all of those new orange outfits without overheating!

I've been doing some research and testing with a WebCam configuration.  A WebCam is a web page which hosts images served by a digital camera attached to a computer.  If all goes well, I could implement the DanaCam so visitors can see what's going on here all day.  I'll be creating the webcam page tomorrow and getting it ready to go.

This will allow guests and visitors to review my weekly photographs, read the journal and view live images from the DanaCam.  It's almost as good as being here.



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